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Allyn Canja is a museum worker by day and writer by night. She is a fellow of the San Agustin Writer's Workshop.

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Double Dead: Merging Self and Nature

Double Dead is a two-person exhibition of a painter and a sculptor, one inspired by imagination and the other is driven by material. Noel...

Baeay Pinamana of the Dela Cruz Family

At Calle El Porvenir Most old buildings and spaces lose their spirit and meaning through time; some are left dilapidated while others are simply demolished...

Ilongga Artists Reclaim the Narratives in Mujer

In Mujer, Erika Mayo, Roselle Perez, Margaux Blas, Shiela Molato, Marge Chavez, Elwah Gonzales, Tara Illenberger, and Regine Espinosa attempt to shatter the antiquated notion of how female art is viewed by the audience by bestowing the power upon the artist to control the visuals and narrative.

Madhu Liebscher is Weaving Tapestry of Places Where She Lived

Madhu Liebscher is a visual artist based in Zarraga, Iloilo. Her art stitches the many fabrics of her life, including her love for yoga,...

Megumi Miura’s Corazon del Arte: The Heart of Art District Bacolod

Corazon del Arte, an interactive installation by Megumi Miura and her collaborators; Brandon Braza, Zabiel Nemenzo, Zander Lopez, and Zanna Jamili, is a homage to the dead and a protection of the living.