A Room of Her Own


March 2, 2024
Participating Artists:
Adeline, Aeriel Abiera, Althea Villanueva, Anza Palma, Angelie dela Torre, Bea Gison, Christine Octoso, Dannah Lasanas, Dea Mikhaela Bañas, Deya Java, Eva Catedral, Gwenevere Gonzalez, Gina Apostol, Hannah Marie Celso, Jam Lebrilla, Juliana Pudadera, Kate Cayetano, Kwesi Magdato, Liezl Cabrera, Luiclle Detoyato, Maia Amo, Mae Vicente, Margaux Blas, Marrianne Cadenas, Mia Reyes, Miann Cabag, Minda Marie Cabrera, Niez Andaya, Pam Reyes, Shakira Marie Verde, Yanni Ysabel, Ziel Harder

“A Room of Her Own,” lets the audience into a space filled with lived experiences of twenty-eight Ilongga artists. We see them as mothers, daughters, advocates, citizens, artists, and individuals experiencing the complexities of gender, identity and their environment.

The exhibition is divided into sections, each exploring the diverse artistic concerns of these women. Through their works, the audience is challenged to contemplate the themes of contemporary art including–place, language, spirituality, body, and memory.

Adeline, Althea Villanueva, Pam Reyes, Minda Cabrera, Mae Vicente, and Lucille Detoyato explore their connection to their environment, capturing the essence of landscapes and urban spaces. Margaux Blas delves into the artist’s relationship with language both as a tool of expression and a reflection of cultural heritage. Marrianne Cardenas and Christine Octoso explore their faith and beliefs. Most of the Ilonggas offer a more personal perspective by examining the complexities of the body and the power of memory.

The participating artists come from various backgrounds, each with artistic approaches that set them apart. Some of the artworks document the fleeting moments of everyday life, capturing the landscapes, and the people they encounter. Others explore themes of identity, the body, and the intricate relationship between the two. While majority of the artworks utilize traditional media, the younger generations are leaning into using digital art with experimentation in bringing the digital works in a physical space.

“A Room of Their Own” features works selected through an open call, alongside pieces from the gallery’s collection. The process allowed for the freedom of the artists to create their own, and at the same time welcome a dynamic dialogue between the artworks. The exhibition also gives a glimpse of the evolving aesthetics of Ilongga artists from different generations.

While painting is predominantly represented in the exhibition, it is essential to recognize the significance of painting as a process that requires time, which means dedication of these Ilonggas in carving out space for creativity despite the many roles they play in the society.

For more information about the artworks:
Email: thriveartorg@gmail.com
Mobile: 09171746766
View the catalogue here.


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