Tyrone Espinosa and Noel Elicana used the environment as a metaphor for the self in their exhibition, Double Dead.

Brandon Braza

Braza wants the audience to take their time with his pieces, saying that although he has no control over the audience’s experience with his creation, perhaps the audience can have control over their creations and perceptions of their image.

Missing the Crowd Martin Genodepa

Martin Genodepa installs sculptures in front of UPV to remember the crowd.


Paul John Cabanalan and Joebert Gayoma are bringing their art to a new light.


Corazon del Arte, an interactive installation by Megumi Miura and her collaborators; Brandon Braza, Zabiel Nemenzo, Zander Lopez, and Zanna Jamili, is a homage to the dead and protection of the living.

Digital Painting: Kristoffer Jan Sobremente for Thrive

by Artist's Perspective

For our series Artist’s Perspective, an artist reflects on how gentrification is highlighted during the pandemic


In Mujer, Erika Mayo, Roselle Perez, Margaux Blas, Shiela Molato, Marge Chavez, Elwah Gonzales, Tara Illenberger, and Regine Espinosa attempt to shatter the notion of how female art is viewed.


by Christina Campos

Ginoe’s “Banal Banal” or “Sacred Ordinary” explores a word that can mean two different things in diverse dialects.

paintings on pina textile

by Theodore Baustista

Meet the artist, Anna India Dela Cruz Legaspi who contributed to the revival of the piña weaving industry in Aklan.


by Liby Limoso

The mural truths and signs about government, influence, representation, and the prevailing visual culture.

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