Althea Villanueva: Immortalizing Culture Through Art


Iloilo has a rich culture, captivating stories, and cultural heritage that needs to be shared. And a great way that the “City of Love” of Western Visayas could be showcased is through art.

Althea Villanueva is an art teacher, entrepreneur, and vlogger whose works revolve around the beauty and stories of Iloilo. She is one of the artists featured in the Artists Village of the Iloilo Mega Book Fair (IMBF): Pagtib-ong sa Rehiyon/Celebrating the Regions from April 27 to 30, 2023. Villanueva showcased her art through bookmarks, postcards, stickers, and limited art prints. 

“My works are inspired by Van Gogh colors, and I really like bright colors. I fell in love with Iloilo, and it’s really like a home to me. Iloilo is truly my inspiration. As you can see in my artwork, it is more about travels and escapades where I can find stories. I love stories from people; the things that are beyond what our eyes can see,” Villanueva said when asked about her inspiration for her artwork.

Moving to Iloilo, Villanueva struggled with her confidence and insecurities due to the lack of connections who will help her promote and support her artwork.

“You have to love your art, you just have to find your genre, your style, and your purpose. Everyone can say that they are artists, but it’s not just about the skills but also your purpose and passion,” the artist explained what she learned from her struggles.

Althea Villanueva is one of those who fell in love with Iloilo City. She continues to share and preserve stories through her artworks. She immortalizes Iloilo’s cityscapes with her watercolor paintings. 

“The IMBF made me connect to a larger community, and I discovered that art is collaboration, not competition. IMBF made me confidently share my artworks with people, and for me, it is also a confirmation of where God is leading me right now,”  Villanueva said about her participation in Iloilo Mega Book Fair. 

Althea Villanueva teaches us that you don’t have to be an Ilongga who grew up in Iloilo to love the place. 


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