Double Dead: Merging Self and Nature
Tyrone Espinosa and Noel Elicana used the environment as a metaphor for the self in their exhibition, Double Dead.
Brandon Braza
Reflecting on your Reflection: Bacolod Artist, Brandon Braza, Shifts the Gaze Back to the Audience

Brandon Braza shifts the gaze back to the audience using mirrors in his artworks.


Missing the Crowd Martin Genodepa 10
Making the Absent Present in Martin Genodepa’s “Memorial Park: Missing the Crowd”

Martin Genodepa installs sculptures in front of UPV to remember the crowd.

Thrive Art Guide 2021

Your guide to art events in Visayas and Mindanao.


Dark Images and Darker Undertones in “Mornië Alantië”

Paul John Cabanalan and Joebert Gayoma are bringing their art to a new light.

Margauz Blas painting
Ilongga Artists Reclaim the Narratives in Mujer

Ilongga artists attempt to change how art made by female artist is viewed.

Digital Painting: Kristoffer Jan Sobremente for Thrive
Artist’s Perspective: Paindemic

An artist reflects on how gentrification is highlighted during the pandemic.

Megumi Miura’s Corazon del Arte: The Heart of Art District Bacolod

Corazon del Arte, the installation art is a homage to the dead and a protection of the living.

Ginoe Questions the Sacred and the Ordinary in “Banal Banal”

Ginoe’s “Banal Banal” or “Sacred Ordinary” explores the same word can mean two different things in diverse dialects.


paintings on pina textile
(Re) weaving an Identity: The Art of Anna India Dela Cruz Legaspi and the Piña Weaving Industry of Aklan

Anna India dela Cruz, her art, and the revival of the traditional piña weaving industry in Aklan.

Art Geroche: From Comics to Canvas

Art Geroche on his works as a comics artist and painter.

Photographing the Iloilo Arts and Culture

Christian Lozañes chronicles arts and culture events in Iloilo City, through his online platforms.

Jun Orland Espinosa: Carving a Name for Himself

Jun Orland Espinosa on his experimentation of materials, and his inspiration when making art.

The Image at Corner Muelle and Solis Streets

The mural and its making accidentally revealed many truths. Truths and signs about government, influence, patronage, representation, and the prevailing visual culture.

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