Allyn Canja

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Christian Lozañes: Photographing the Iloilo Arts and Culture

Christian Lozañes chronicles arts and culture events in Iloilo City, through his online platforms.

Role of Artists in the Age of Disinformation

My identity as an artist relies on my ability to create new images or compose iterations from existing ones. I wonder if making images...

Bonding Over Books in the Middle of a Pandemic

The Facebook group now has more than 2,100 members. Books4Books has become a space where bookworms go to discuss books and their love of reading.

Super Inday, Pagtatanghal Bilang Reimahinasyon ng Kondisyon ng/sa Paglaya

Ang sining ay kasangkapan sa pagkamit ng ganap na kalayaan. Ito ang “dating” at “galing”1 ng Super Inday, isang kolaboratib na pagtatanghal ng mga...

Indigenous Peoples’ Right and Intellectual Property Rights

MANILA (October 2021) -- The mythology of indigenous folklore has inspired countless works of art and literature over the years, and these works have...