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Ilongga Artists Reclaim the Narratives in Mujer

In Mujer, Erika Mayo, Roselle Perez, Margaux Blas, Shiela Molato, Marge Chavez, Elwah Gonzales, Tara Illenberger, and Regine Espinosa attempt to shatter the antiquated notion of how female art is viewed by the audience by bestowing the power upon the artist to control the visuals and narrative.

Tracing the lines of Rock Drilon’s “Visual Notes”

"Visual Notes" is an exhibition featuring Rock Drilon’s drawings and sketches on paper, drawing a line between his previous solo exhibitions which primarily featured...

Making the Absent Present in Martin Genodepa’s “Memorial Park: Missing the Crowd”

Martin Genodepa installs sculptures in front of UPV to remember the crowd.

Art Geroche: From Comics to Canvas

Art Geroche on his works as a comics artist and painter.

Jun Orland Espinosa: Carving a Name for Himself

Jun Orland Espinosa on his experimentation of materials, and his inspiration when making art.