Antiqueño Artists Embark on New Artistic Concepts through “Palhit Kag Tabas”


In honor of National Arts Month, the Province of Antique is hosting an event called “Love Art Antique” with the theme “Ani ng Sining Bayang Malikhain”. One of the highlights of the event is “Palhit Kag Tabas”, an art exhibit that fuses the worlds of painting and fashion in a truly unique way. Featuring the works of talented artists and designers from Antique, this showcase is a testament to the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

The term “Palhit Kag Tabas” comes from the Kinaray-a language, where “Palhit” means smearing or brushing, and “Tabas” refers to cutting a cloth. Each dress is inspired by paintings of Karay-a painters, and every dress is hand-crafted. The strokes and colors of the painters bring the canvases to life, telling stories that resonate with Antique’s rich cultural tapestry. Fashion designers then take on the narrative, interpreting these paintings into wearable masterpieces. As a result, two-dimensional art transforms into a three-dimensional and living expression of Antiqueño’s creativity.

The exhibit features the works of Alec Wiggin, Jonathan Bunker, Nestor Cancan Jr., Saru, Shekinah Sibugan, Tino Huang, and designers Ang Gong, Ian Fresco, Jose Rex Frencillo, and the University of Antique BIT Fashion Design and Apparel Technology Students, curated by Kwesi Magdato. The exhibition runs from February 2 to 28, at the right wing, ground floor of the Old Provincial Capitol of Antique in San Jose de

The exhibition is open to the public and recognizes the significant role of the arts in enriching cultural experiences and supporting local talents. The event serves as proof of the province’s commitment to providing a platform for artists to showcase their skills, promoting artistic exploration, and encouraging collaboration across different artistic disciplines.

Kwesi Magdato
Kwesi Magdato is a visual artist and independent curator from Antique. She teaches BS Digital Media and Interactive Arts at Central Philippine University.


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