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Maralita: Visualizing the Struggles of the Working Class

Lorebert "Maralita" Comision is a multi-media artist from Northern Samar. His works explore the realities around him, and the persistence to create despite being bound in a place that...

Tracing the lines of Rock Drilon’s “Visual Notes”

"Visual Notes" is an exhibition featuring Rock Drilon’s drawings and sketches on paper, drawing a line between his previous solo exhibitions which primarily featured his large abstract paintings on...

Madhu Liebscher is Weaving Tapestry of Places Where She Lived

Madhu Liebscher is a visual artist based in Zarraga, Iloilo. Her art stitches the many fabrics of her life, including her love for yoga, nature, and crystals. Although Madhu...

Double Dead: Merging Self and Nature

Double Dead is a two-person exhibition of a painter and a sculptor, one inspired by imagination and the other is driven by material. Noel Elicana is a product of...

Making the Absent Present in Martin Genodepa’s “Memorial Park: Missing the Crowd”

Martin Genodepa installs sculptures in front of UPV to remember the crowd.

Dark Images and Darker Undertones in “Mornië Alantië”

Paul John Cabanalan and Joebert Gayoma are bringing their art to a new light.