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Shifting the Gaze in Job Hablo’s PorNOgraphyX

PorNOgraphyX is Job Hablo’s first solo exhibition. A collection of works in different media, all featuring the naked body, both of female models and...

Politics and Abstraction in Allain Hablo’s “Bleed and Bloom II”

With its rich textures carefully layered over pours of paint, Allain Hablo’s art reminds us of why we look at abstraction. We examine what...

Tracing the lines of Rock Drilon’s “Visual Notes”

"Visual Notes" is an exhibition featuring Rock Drilon’s drawings and sketches on paper, drawing a line between his previous solo exhibitions which primarily featured...

Ilongga Artists Reclaim the Narratives in Mujer

In Mujer, Erika Mayo, Roselle Perez, Margaux Blas, Shiela Molato, Marge Chavez, Elwah Gonzales, Tara Illenberger, and Regine Espinosa attempt to shatter the antiquated notion of how female art is viewed by the audience by bestowing the power upon the artist to control the visuals and narrative.