Weaving Histories in Green Papaya’s ‘Intertextile’

Infused with their own histories In textile art, to look at the textile as a mere canvas devoid of intrinsic meaning is to disregard its...

(Re) weaving an Identity: The Art of Anna India Dela Cruz Legaspi and the Piña Weaving Industry of Aklan

Hardly can the story of the revival of the traditional piña weaving industry in Aklan be discussed without mentioning the life, art, innovations, and advocacy of Anna India Dela Cruz Legaspi.

Theodore Bautista

Theodore Ricardo R. Bautista is an instructor at the University of the Philippines Visayas teaching History courses. He received his degree BA (History-Sociology) from the same university. He became part of the research team of Thrive Art Projects for the "Golden Realms: Inheriting the Panay Sugidanun" in 2021 and a researcher/fieldworker for the Shri Vishayas Project of Green Papaya Art Projects in 2022. He writes about social and cultural history in the region.