Role of Artists in the Age of Disinformation

My identity as an artist relies on my ability to create new images or compose iterations from existing ones. I wonder if making images or art objects may have any sort of impact on disinformation or communicating information for that matter....

When Indigenous Cultures Become Internet Content

What happens when content creators and creatives make work based on Indigenous Cultures? Let us take a look at several incidents concerning the popular Filipino tattoo icon Apo Whang-od and various local and international entities. For several years, people close to...

Artist’s Perspective: Paindemic

For our series Artist's Perspective, an artist reflects on how gentrification is highlighted during the pandemic.

(Re) weaving an Identity: The Art of Anna India Dela Cruz Legaspi and the Piña Weaving Industry of Aklan

Hardly can the story of the revival of the traditional piña weaving industry in Aklan be discussed without mentioning the life, art, innovations, and advocacy of Anna India Dela Cruz Legaspi.

Bonding Over Books in the Middle of a Pandemic

The Facebook group now has more than 2,100 members. Books4Books has become a space where bookworms go to discuss books and their love of reading.

The Image at Corner Solis and Muelle Streets

The mural and its making accidentally revealed many truths. Truths and signs about government, influence, patronage, representation, and the prevailing visual culture.