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Documentation of Arts and Culture

Thrive Art Projects accepts article submission whenever resources allow us to. Our requirement is for submissions to be about art in the Philippines, with preference on the following: exhibition reviews, book reviews, artist profiles, and opinion pieces.

Art Projects

As an art organization that works on the development of arts and culture, we are interested in collaborations. We have done research, exhibitions and talks in the past.

Online Gallery

Thrive Art Projects is a self-funded organization, and the online gallery is our way of raising fund for our programs including the website.

Meet the Team

Kristoffer Brasileno

Project Manager

Kristoffer Brasileño is an independent studio artist and university instructor at the Digital Media and Interactive Arts Program of Central Philippine University. Recently, he mounted his second solo show at the NCCA Gallery entitled Ilonggo Republic. Brasileño combines traditional and digital media in his art practice to create realistic and representational paintings and illustrations.

Allyn Canja


Allyn Canja is a writer, independent curator, and community organizer based in Iloilo City, Philippines. She has worked with Visayas Islands Visual Arts Exhibition and Conference (2015-2016), and the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art (2018-2022). She was a fellow of the Goethe Institut's Arts Spaces and Collaborative Projects Program in 2020 and was shortlisted for the Purita Kalaw Ledesma Awards for Art Criticism in 2021.


Social Media Manager

Adelle Pacificar, a high school teacher who loves Asian Literature, was a Fulbright FLTA at the University of Michigan in 2012 and a JENESYS-DepEd teacher facilitator for a language & culture exchange in Sendai, Japan in 2015. While her interests range from children’s illustration to creative writing, she is on an artistic hiatus at the moment, trying to break free from years of creative block.

Theodore Bautista


Theodore Ricardo R. Bautista is an instructor at the University of the Philippines Visayas teaching History courses. He was part of the research team of Thrive Art Projects for the "Golden Realms: Inheriting the Panay Sugidanun" in 2021 and a researcher/fieldworker for the Shri Vishayas Project of Green Papaya Art Projects in 2022. He writes about social and cultural history in the region.

Noel Galon de Leon


Noel Galon de Leon teaches Filipino and creative writing at the University of the Philippines Visayas. He won the Palanca awards for his poetry collection in 2018.

Kristoffer Sobremente


Kristoffer Jan Sobremente is currently studying architecture at ISAT-U. He is a freelance visual artist, digital illustrator, and graphic designer. He is always aiming to produce a new standard when designing his projects and to help introduce fresh and youthful styles.