Allyn Canja


Allyn Canja works for a contemporary art museum. and writes about art at night. She is a fellow of the San Agustin Writers Workshop and co-founder of Poetika.

Kristoffer Brasileño

Art Director

Kristoffer Brasileño painter based in Iloilo City. He teaches at the University of the San Agustin - Fine Arts and Central Philippine University - Digital Media and Interactive Arts

Liby Limoso


Liby Limoso is an artist based in Iloilo City. His works focus on language and identity. He studied Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, and MFA at the University of Pennsylvania.

Theodore Ricardo Bautista


Theodore Ricardo Bautista, or “Chuds”. Writes statements and essays worthy to be red-tagged. He is a third year BA (History) student at the University of the Philippines Visayas. His interests revolve around military history and cultural studies.

Geli Arceño


Geli Arceño is a researcher and writer based in Negros Occidental. She only likes art, literature, music, and like, five people.

Christina Campos


Christina Campos is a hobbyist art reviewer from Bacolod City. She likes to walk up to artists during their shows to ask them questions.

Kristelle Suarez


Marvin Monfort


Marvin Monfort is a fashion designer, artist and climate activist based in Iloilo City.

Kristoffer Jan Sobremente